Galerien » Strzegom Horse Trial 2016

UPDATE: Please send us and email or use the contact sheet to receive the photos. We will upload the photos here during the autumn time. Sorry for that inconvenience.

Right now we sort all the photos from Strzegom Horse Trials. This might take a few days due to the mass of Photos we got. We took photos from all competitors in the cross, sunday at SJ and thursday in Dressage and jumping (sorry, not from everyone).

We was happy to be part at this amazing competition and our congrats go to all riders at that event.

If you like to see in advance your photos or need them for media, please contact us with use the contact sheet or please send an email.

Please note that we will make a special offer for the photos. As special offer, we offer all photos we took in Strzegom, from one rider, on a CD or as download. The price for the CD will be 50,00€ plus shipping costs. For the same price we will offer the photos as download.